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Mirage Jazz Orchestra

Mirage Jazz Orchestra (MJO) first stepped on stage in January 2004. MJO unites the best Latvian jazz musicians with various musical backgrounds.
The co – founders of the band are the trombone player Lauris Amantovs and sax player Deniss Paškevičs. This is Lauris' dream of a big band made true, charished throughout the study years at Klaipeda University. His great inspiration and tutors have been the distingueshed jazz masters Jiggs Whigham and Peter Herbolzcheimer. Deniss Paškevičs is a prominent jazz musician, producer and founder of the first and only jazz music production company in Latvia and initiatior of a number of jazz groups like the ones with Brian Melvin, Rio Kawasaki, Nick Ali, Brownmann Can and others. He is also teaching the young talents at Riga Dome Choir School. 

The lead trumpeter is Űlo Ussenko.He and also the trumpeter Zigurds Linde as well as  the  sax players Indriķis Veitners and Raivo Stasans have had their musical backgrounds and experience in Latvian Radio big band. I. Veitners is also  the founder and head of the first jazz school in Latvia – Riga Dome Choir School Jazz Department.

In its early years the  MJO enjoyed close collaboration with the legendary jazz musician, composer and arranger Gunārs Rozenbergs. His musical backgrounds were prominent: first stepped out as fabulous trumpeter, played in various jazz groups, to become the leader of Latvian Radio big band in the 80ies. His outstanding talent of arranging music was highly appreciated among the professionals in Riga and internationally. Mirage Jazz Orchestra (MJO) first stepped on stage in January 2004. MJO unites the best Latvian jazz musicians with various musical backgrounds.

2006 – MJO participates at Saulkrasti Jazz Festival in Latvia, international jazz festival at Archangelsk in Russia, records the album Mirage Jazz Octet “Nordic Spring” of Nordic and Latvian folk songs in jazz arrangements by G. Rozenbergs and goes on tour in Latvia with the pop-rock group “TUMSA”.

2007 – MJO participates at festivals “Rigas Ritmi”, “Saulkrasti Jazz” in Latvia, “Siauliai Jazz” in Lithuania.

2008 – The year of the Album “My Favourite Things”. This CD reveals the very best of MJO creative collaboration with the distinguished Gunārs Rozenbergs, his compositions and arrangements. MJO also plays at “Rigas Ritmi”, “Saulkrasti Jazz” and “Venstpils Jazz” in Latvia.

MJO performs regularly with the Latvian and international musicians, I.Busulis, J.Gulbe,L.Rācenājs,I.Bērziņa, O.Pīrāgs, D.Pīrāgs,A.Danilenko, R.Trence, Ž.Siksna, A.Zaķis, P.von Wroblevski, K.Miklin, J.Lavson, S.Studnicky.

MJO is a welcomed guest at major musical TV shows in Latvia like "Muzikālā banka" (annual prize awarding ceremony for the best pop, rock and jazz performance), as well as at radio shows. Their outstanding musical qualities and open minded approach to creative musical projects has made them play an essential part on the Latvian music scene.

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